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Picture of Holocaust of the East

Holocaust of the East

Author(s): Farzana Moon

Book Description

Holocaust of the East is a remembrance of the tragedies past, recounting the partition of Hindustan into India and Pakistan. Through the mirror of history polished by time, this book hopes to lend the light of harmony through its own candid reflection. It is a book of reckoning, staying afloat over the ocean of vengeance and bloodshed. Love to the right; hate to the left, cruelty in the foreground, compassion in the background. All rooted solid in the marshland of a paradox. Evil and good run parallel amidst the mass exodus of Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims; never meeting in twain, and filling the craters of the great divide with million dead, mutilated and slaughtered. Paradoxically, all the horrors and atrocities in the aftermath of partition in this book strive toward awakening the cosmic compassion of the world. A world, which could transcend above the petty conflicts of power and possession? A world within worlds where all creeds and nations could take pride in sharing the rosary of love, peace and harmony for the benefit of humanity in its evolution toward unity, preserving only the pearls of intellect and understanding.

"Farzana Moon’s earlier writings are vivid evocations of life on the Indian subcontinent, bringing a rich depiction of a world too little known to American readers. Holocaust of the East promises to match her previous work. She brings the harsh and tragic history of Hindustan to bear on doubled love stories, as tragic as the peoples who are ripped apart by their country’s partition. The effect on ordinary people of political power plays is powerfully shown, in story that is deeply engrossing. Recommended highly for all those wanting to learn more of the events which have shaped the last half century in an area of the world which is becoming increasing more important to American interests, both business and political."

Alan Woods, Director of Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute, Ohio State University, Columbus OH

"Storytelling is a powerful teacher. We live our lives through our stories which can become, through reflection, lessons learned. A story of life, one truly told, is always explored through binary opposites. To "truly" tell an event is to recount its history from all points of view.

Holocaust of the East engages the reader in the exploration of a tragedy that expands the definition of the word 'holocaust'. This book by Farzana Moon explores the concept of love in a world of madness. The unfolding of this remarkable story offers a view of history where love becomes a question in the past and an answer for the future. "

Susan L. Brenner, Ph.D., Core Faculty, College of Education, Capella University


ISBN-13: 978-1-8471-8498-6
ISBN-10: 1-84718-498-7
Date of Publication: 01/04/2008
Pages / Size: 220 / A5
Price: £34.99


Farzana Moon: Teacher, historian and a playwright. Published works in history and biography are: Babur, The First Moghul in India; The Moghul Exile; Divine Akbar and Holy India; The Moghul Hedonist; Glorious Taj and Beloved Immortal. Answers from Mount Hira. The Moghul Saint of Insanity is to be published by Anthem Press.