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Series: History

Cambridge Scholars Publishing welcomes proposals for new series on a broad range of historical topics, as well as volume proposals for existing series. For more information contact Camilla Harding, Commissioning Editor, at

Cyprus Historical and Contemporary Studies

Cyprus has had an eventful and troubled history for such a small island state. From antiquity to modern times, Cypriots have formed an interesting melange, where different peoples in terms of race, religion, ethnicity, class, language and other determinants, have shared a common homeland, collective experiences, popular traditions and often social, political and economic inequalities and hardships. Cyprus and its inhabitants have had a multi-faceted relationship with various civilisations and empires, ancient, medieval and modern, a relationship that has sometimes been fraught but at other time...

Inverting History with Microhistory

Inverting History with Microhistory is a series of edited volumes in which scholars question the allocation and appropriation of power by ordinary individuals. Microhistory has a long tradition of fascinating stories about the past that can assist in interpreting the present and shaping the immediate future. It can reinforce or challenge macrohistories, world histories, and metanarratives by privileging the experience of an individual or of a small group of individuals. In these contexts, microhistories invert the place of historical actors on the stage of the past, though they do not always sub...

Japanese Cultural Invasion of China

Many scholars around the world have studied the Japanese invasion of China, but most have approached this issue from a military or economic perspective. This book series will extend current scholarship by offering insightful, convincing arguments about the Japanese cultural invasion of China with rich evidence from a variety of sources. The three books in this series highlight Japan’s invasion of China by examining the impacts of Sino-Japanese war subjects in Japanese literature, intellectuals and scholars’ roles in Sino-Japanese wars, and the right-wing views of history in Japan, respectively, all...

Studies in Intellectual History: Culture, Politics and Society in the English-Speaking World since 1870

Intellectual history, though closely related to the history of philosophy and the history of ideas, seeks to contextualise those ideas and to study them in terms of the debates to which they were a contribution. If individuals and “influences” are important, the main focus here is on the ways in which the work of various intellectuals was applied, and how it subsequently affected or modified the political and cultural development of the society in which that work was produced. The main argument, then, underpinning the series is that ideas should not be divorced from the people and the society who...
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