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Health Sciences

We are now accepting publishing proposals in Health Sciences, as well as continuing to publish in our core field of Social Sciences. To submit a proposal, please click here. To apply to join an Advisory Board, please click here.

Newly released and forthcoming titles:

Body Talk: whose language?

Jennifer Patterson and Francia Kinchington

Current diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in nuclear endocrinology

Dr David Taïeb and Dr Karel Pacak

Developments in Health Science and Nursing

Recep Efe

Mechanical Ventilators For Non Invasive Ventilation: The Essential Principles in Technology

Antonio M. Esquinas

Neuroscience: An Integrated Approach

Julian Pittman

Neuroscience for Elioth

Dr Raúl Alelú Paz

Radiation – Exposure and its treatment: A modern handbook. Fourth Edition

Brian P. Hanley

Rare & Uncommon Diseases

Muhammad Imran Qadir

This book explores a number of uncommon diseases, including autism, Asperger’s syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, Huntington’s disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, psychosis, rabies, psoriasis, and many more. Each disease is explained with regards to its symptoms, diagnosis, causes and treatment. Keywords are also included to provide a quick indication of the chapter. As such, this volume represents important introductory material for pharmacy, medical and dental students, and scholars in all other health sciences subjects.

Recent Researches In Health Sciences

Prof. Dr. Recep Efe, Prof. Dr. Huseyin Zennun Beyatli, Prof. Dr. Nelya Lukpanovna Shapekova, Assist. Prof. Dr. Bilal AK, Assist. Prof. Behire Sancar, Prof. Dr. Fügen Ozcanarslan, Assoc. Prof.Dr. Vesile Şenol and Associate Professor Hicran Yıldız

Reflections of A Pediatrician

Joseph Hageman

Sarcopenia and frailty assessment in internal medicine. A patient-centred personalized medicine

Gad Segal