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French Studies

The French Studies collection from Cambridge Scholars Publishing encompasses works on French historical studies alongside focused volumes exploring influential French and French-speaking writers, from Zola to contemporary African authors. Our French cultural studies volumes provide valuable insights into the impact and influence of Francophone culture at an international level. This is a diverse and growing collection with broad interdisciplinary appeal.

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The Agony of France

The Agony of France is written in three parts in a thematic style to enable easy referencing both for the student of history and the general reader. The first part deals with the Defeat of France in 1940, examining scholarship over the last seventy years in order to extrapolate the major factors.The second part explores Vichy Franc...

Reading Communities

This volume is the product of a long-term collaboration between French and American scholars who share a common preoccupation with reading canonical and contemporary works of literature and cinema in a theoretical and pedagogical context. It offers a multipolar approach, informed by different historical, thematic, aesthetic, philos...

Aristide of Le Figaro

Is it true that French people enjoy reading grammar articles over their coffee and croissants? Can matters of language really be so interesting and absorbing?For thirty years, Aristide composed his Usage et grammaire and Divertissements grammaticaux for one of France’s foremost daily newspapers, Le Figaro. His fans avidly read his ...

Claude Duneton, Chroniqueu...

Claude Duneton was a French literary figure of note (1935-2012) and a versatile and prolific writer, whose Parler croquant (1973) first brought him public acclaim. He enjoyed most of all the weekly language articles he wrote for Le Figaro littéraire, from 1994 to 2010, when his life as a writer was cruelly cut short by a severe, di...
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