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Gaining a Face

Contrary to the popular perception that C.S. Lewis was merely a religious writer, there is a good case to be made for Lewis being one of the major British writers of the twentieth century if we look at him as a prime member of a resurgent Romantic movement after the Second World War. Much has been written on Lewis’s thoughts on joy...
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Emerging Water Insecurity in India

This book investigates water development in India with a special focus on its most agriculturally advanced state, Punjab, as well as the global water scenario on a more general level. It explores and highlights the use and abuse of water, especially sub-soil water, in the agricultural, industrial and domestic sectors. It also revea...

The Da Vinci Globe

A chance discovery at a distinguished London map fair in 2012 by a Belgian globe collector produced the most unique of finds: a distinct globe with mysterious images, such as old ships, sailors, a volcano, a hybrid monster, pentimenti, waving patterns, conic individualised mountains, curving rivers, vigorous costal lines, chiaroscu...