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Interests and Stability or Ideologies and Order in Contemporary World Politics

Drawing upon extensive experience of both theoretical and empirical research, according to the Italian school of Political Science, this book provides a holistic assessment of contemporary world politics. It begins by defining concepts such as “world order”, before going on to classify foreign policies into four models of political...

Irish Government Policy and Public Opinion towards German-Speaking Refugees, 1933-1943

This book investigates the first time Ireland, with an autonomous legislative parliament, met with large inward migration in the modern era.In 1933, Ireland was a young state in its turbulent teens attempting to establish itself on the international stage. The people were scarred by recent memories of revolution, a War of Independe...

The Quest for Streetcar Unionism in the Carolina Piedmont, 1919-1922

Ever since the courtroom doors closed in 1919, the tragic Charlotte Streetcar Strike has haunted the collective memory of the Carolina Piedmont region. During a season of labor unrest, it briefly made national headlines. Five men were killed and at least twelve others were wounded by gunfire during a demonstration against Southern ...