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Film and Theatre Studies

This extensive collection from Cambridge Scholars Publishing presents a vibrant and diverse range of insights into film studies and theatre studies. Key books on film studies and theatre within our list explore the history of film studies and the applied use of film and drama in varying contexts. Playwrights and filmmakers including Brecht, Shakespeare and Ken Loach are explored in depth, while edited collections from influential academic conferences take a focused view on important trends and topics within this evolving field.

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Trauma, Media, Art

During the past one hundred years or so, the depiction of traumatic historical events and experiences has been a recurrent theme in the work of artists and media professionals—including those in literature, theatre, visual art, architecture, cinema, and television—among other forms of cultural expression and social communication.Th...

Views, Positions, Legacies

The proposed book collects 24 interviews that I conducted with German and British theatre artists over the period of 20 years. The first set of interviews focuses on British actors, directors and dramatists involved with Plays about Famous Artists. That section complements the material discussed in my book with CSP, Biographical Pl...

Voicing the Text

Why is voice so important to us? How does the concept of voice encompass such disparate practices as vocal sound, marks on a page, identity production and the execution of power? With these questions in mind, this book studies voice as both a textual and a bodily phenomenon. By using both drama and film, and by exploring the transl...

Watching Pages, Reading Pi...

Italian cinema is internationally well-known for the ground-breaking experience of Neo-Realism, comedy "Italian-Style," Spaghetti Westerns, and the horror movies of the seventies. However, what is rather unfamiliar to wider audiences is Italian cinema's crucial and enduring affair with literature. In fact, since the very beginning,...

Wit's End

This book is a study of the “Great Movies,” that fluid category of feature films deemed by various authorities—film societies, critics, academics, and movie enthusiasts—to be the enduring and memorable works of cinematic history. But what are they about? In Wit’s End, the author attempts to “make sense” of these films in order to u...

Women Willing to Fight

Women Willing to Fight is a collection of essays that explores the presence of the fighting woman in contemporary Hollywood cinema. Drawn from a variety of genres, the authors examine the changing role, image and position of this figure in film over recent decades. The increasing dominance of this character and her repositioning as...

Worlds in Words

The collection of essays Worlds in Words: Storytelling in Contemporary Theatre takes up the currently widely debated issue of the revival of various techniques of storytelling in contemporary theatre practice and playwriting. This topic is set in a larger context of the crisis of traditional theatrical and dramatic representation i...

Zoom In, Zoom Out

In the context of the transformations that Europe is undergoing, Zoom in, Zoom out: Crossing Borders in Contemporary European Cinema attempts to serve as a testimony to the multiple ways in which European filmmakers are questioning the many borders of the continent. European films have become a vital cultural space where the relati...
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