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Picture of European Studies in Process Thought

European Studies in Process Thought

ISSN No: 2058-2897
Series Editor(s):
Dr. Helmut Maaßen
Subject: Philosophy

Series Description

The European Studies in Process Thought is a book series devoted to the historical and systematic study of process philosophy in all its aspects. Although it is indebted to a philosophical tradition, in particular to the works of William James, Charles S. Peirce, Henri Bergson, Samuel Alexander and Alfred N. Whitehead, it is not dogmatically restricted to specific authors. It also aims at exploring various philosophical problems against the background of process thinking, i.e. the position that reality is in a continuous state of becoming and defies all attempts to provide definite and irrefutable answers or theories. In addition to philosophical monographs, the series publishes collections of peer-reviewed articles as well as the original results of conferences and symposia.

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Editor(s) Biography

Helmut Maaßen teaches Philosophy at Heinrich Heine University, Duesseldorf, Germany. He has spent research sabbaticals at Boston University (1990) and Jawarhalal Nehru University, Delhi/India (2000). He taught at Claremont School of Theology/CA in 2007. He has published several books on A.N. Whitehead and Charles S. Peirce and numerous scholarly articles. He is also the International Book Review Coordinator for Germany of Process Studies. He is President of the German Whitehead Society (since 2009), he is President of the European Society for Process Thought (since 2012); he is Executive Director of IPN (International Process Network).

Series Titles

A.N. Whitehead's Thought through a New Prism

This volume brings together the proceedings of the “European Summer School for Process Thought”, which took place in Mülheim, Germany, in August 2012. It explores Alfred North Whitehead’s thinking in different fields of science, connecting his philosophical writings with physics, religion, education, psychology and aesthetics. The ...

Dynamic Being

One of the most important characteristics of present day ontological research is the growing interest in, and emphasis on, the dynamic aspects of being and the process-relational character of being itself. However, many important questions still await detailed answers. For example, what is the meaning of the concepts of “dynamics,”...

Recent Advances in the Creation of a Process-Based Worldview

Process thought is an important component of contemporary philosophy. Alfred North Whitehead’s organic philosophy has a special place in the landscape of process thinking, being detailed, precise and well-thought, and at the same time extremely visionary and far-reaching. The global community of process thinkers includes physicists...