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Environmental Sciences

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Common Ground

Today’s environmental problems—climate change, loss of biodiversity, polluted air, land, and water—all have their origins to a greater or lesser extent in how we have lived, played and worked. At a time when societies are confronted with the often dramatic consequences of past choices made in the fields of energy, technology, indus...

Comparative Philosophy Today and Tomorrow

Whether it be the China of Confucius or the Germany of Jurgen Moltmann, premodern India or the World Trade Organization, philosophy has brought us face-to-face with the pressing issues of our times. More often than not, these inquiries have stimulated creative responses to the opportunities and problems that shape our experiences. ...

Culture, Environment and Ecopolitics

Culture, Environment and Ecopolitics brings together a series of new reflections on historical and current ecological and environmental predicaments. By way of critical interventions in environmental thought, and through engagements with literary, visual, architectural, philosophical, and more general cultural studies scholarship, ...

Environmental Issues in Political Discourse in Britain and Ireland

This book examines the political response to current environmental concerns in the context of the British Isles. How have the issues been assimilated by political parties? Which ones have been given priority? Who are the main actors and what is the role of ecologists?Answers to questions such as these are provided in this collectiv...

Environment and Ecology in the Mediterranean Region

The Mediterranean Basin with its mountainous shores, high biodiversity and spectacular scenery is located at the intersection of Africa and Eurasia. Through the 8000 years of human development in this area, there have been tremendous changes in its history and biogeography. Approximately 300 million people live here today. Although...

Environment and Ecology in the Mediterranean Region II

The environment in ecological systems includes both physical parameters and biotic attributes, and is a holocoenotic, dynamically interlinked system. Its investigation requires a dialectical approach which examines the different parts, but integrates the organism and the environment into a dynamic whole. Environment and ecology pla...

From Individual Wellbeing to Regional Priorities

The understanding of subjective perceptions of wellbeing, that is, the perceived needs and current levels of satisfactions of people, could provide valuable information for policy and decision makers. It would allow for the mapping of the envisaged impacts of policy against things that people value and care about, thus providing in...

Green Growth

This book examines the theme of globalisation, the environment and the challenges of technology, and elucidates problems raised by these issues, providing a forum for critical reflection in the two domains of theory and practice, on the one hand, and action and power, on the other. With the continuing globalisation of technology, t...

Mountains Figured and Disfigured in the English-Speaking World

The essays in this book, written by poets, novelists, mountain-climbers and academics from all over the world, evoke the representation of mountains in the English-speaking world as artists, writers, philosophers or mountain-climbers have represented them from the sixteenth to the twenty-first centuries.From the Alps to the Pyrenee...

Natural Environment and Culture in the Mediterranean Region

The largest of the world's five Mediterranean-climate regions and one of the largest archipelagos in the world, the Mediterranean Basin is located at the intersection of two major landmasses, Eurasia and Africa, which contributes to its cultural and high biodiversity. Although much of the hotspot was once covered by a dense cover o...

Natural Environment and Culture in the Mediterranean Region II

The Mediterranean Basin is the largest of the five Mediterranean-climate regions, and one of the largest archipelagos in the world. The basin is located at the intersection of two major landmasses, Eurasia and Africa; and has around five thousand islands, which contribute much to its high diversity and spectacular scenery. It po...

New Perspectives and Problems in Anthropology

The 15th Congress of the European Anthropological Association, held under the title "MAN AND ENVIRONMENT: TRENDS AND CHALLENGES IN ANTHROPOLOGY", was organized by the Department of Biological Anthropology, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary. The Congress was also a celebration of the 125th anniversary of the founding of th...
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