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Picture of Emerging Europe and the Great Recession

Emerging Europe and the Great Recession

Author(s): Daniel Dăianu

Book Description

This volume adds to the existing literature on the Great Recession and the variety of current troubles in the European Union by providing the views of someone who has been in the trenches at national and international levels and who has extensive policy and academic experience. Furthermore, it deals, inter alia, with issues of huge importance such as “North-South” and “East-West” cleavages in the EU, problems in the Eurozone, the diminishing resilience of systems, and the rise of a “New Protectionism”. The book voices concerns and dilemmas from the perspective of new EU Member States in a period of “radical uncertainty” and painful policy trade-offs. Its underlying paradigm is that markets are essential for entrepreneurship and economic dynamism, but that market failures and global finance can cause a lot of misery in society unless they are reined in. This volume will be of interest to all those looking for insights into the challenges that the EU, the Eurozone, and emerging European economies have faced during the past decade and on what may lie ahead. Its target audience is policy-making and business circles, academia, research outfits, and NGOs.


ISBN-13: 978-1-5275-0881-1
ISBN-10: 1-5275-0881-1
Date of Publication: 01/06/2018
Pages / Size: 332 / A5
Price: £68.99


Daniel Dăianu is Professor of Economics at the National School of Political and Administrative Studies (SNSPA) in Bucharest and a Member of the Romanian Academy. He is a Member of the Board of the National Bank of Romania and was a Member of the EU High Level Group on Own Resources. He is the co-editor of The Crisis of the Eurozone and the Future of Europe (2014) and author of Which Way Goes Capitalism? (2009). His publications also include The Macroeconomics of EU Integration: The Case of Romania (2008); Balkan Reconstruction (2001); Transformation as A Real Process (1998); and Economic Vitality and Viability: A Dual Challenge for European Security (1996), among others. He previously served as First Deputy President of the Financial Supervision Authority (2013-2014), Member of the European Parliament (2007-2009), Finance Minister of Romania (1997-1998), Chief Economist of the National Bank of Romania (1992-1997), and Deputy Minister of Finance (1992).