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Editorial Advisory Board's Recommended Reads - September 2014

This September, two of our Editorial Advisory Board members, Professor Tim Connell and Professor Jon Nixon, have chosen their ‘Recommended Reads’: a handpicked selection of our best-selling titles, which are noteworthy for the contribution they make to their field.

We are offering all of our readers a 50% discount on the Board’s picks. To redeem your discount, please enter the promotional code EABSEP14 during checkout. Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 30th September 2014.

Professor Tim Connell’s ‘Recommended Reads’:

Language Education and the Challenges of Globalisation: Sociolinguistic Issues

Editors: Martin Solly, Edith Esch

This book covers language policy and planning, the role of language in communities and the revitalization of indigenous languages. A critical topic is the position of English as a lingua franca within education, in a globalised post-colonial world. The case studies are broad, ranging from Cameroon to Mexico, and so provide some interesting perspectives on language policy and provision, based on both research and practical experience. This title will be of interest to people working in global education or those who have an interest in socio-linguistics in an educational context.”

Teaching Translation and Interpreting: Advances and Perspectives

Editors: Łukasz Bogucki, Mikołaj Deckert

“Translation and interpreting are still not fully regulated professions. The authors look at training, quality provision and the increasing use of computers in both fields, as part of teaching and delivery. The book includes student surveys and also looks at provision by the largest user of all – the European Union and its respective agencies. This title makes interesting reading not only for trainers and practitioners, but also for the increasing number of people who find that they need translating and interpreting services in their own field of work.”

Professor Jon Nixon's ‘Recommended Read’:

Strong Starts, Supported Transitions and Student Success

Editors: Andrew Funston, Miguel Gil, and Gwen Gilmore

“How can we facilitate the transition of new student groups into higher education? This is the crucial question addressed by the contributors to this book, all of whom are deeply committed to ensuring that higher education is open, accessible and participative. All of the contributions to this important book are scholarly and thoughtful, while at the same time providing positive ways forward. The editors have done a superb job in producing a coherent and timely volume that helps us understand how institutions can meet the challenges of a mass higher education system through policies and practices designed to promote widening access and increased student participation."

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