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Editorial Advisory Board’s ‘Recommended Read’ - October 2019

Michele Filippo Fontefrancesco is a social anthropologist specialising in the field of economic anthropology. Currently, he is an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy, having studied at the University of Eastern Piedmont (Italy), Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland), and Durham University (UK).

Michele published the monograph The End of the City of Gold? with Cambridge Scholars in 2013 and has written several books in Italian, as well as numerous articles in journals such as Social AnalysisProgress in Development Studies, and Anthropological Notebooks.

His research analyses local development in rural and urban communities, with a particular interest in the relationship between the global economy and local areas. This specialism positions him perfectly as an authority on this month’s ‘Recommended Read’: Encountering Entrepreneurs. An Ethnography of the Construction Business in the North of Italy

Encountering Entrepreneurs. An Ethnography of the Construction Business in the North of Italy 

The book, by Elena Sischarenco (Lancaster University, UK), shows the daily life of businessmen in Lombardy, providing insights into their entrepreneurialism and revealing their plans, ideas, hopes, and failures during a time of economic recession. In Michele’s words, the work “explores what entrepreneurship means in terms of lived experience” and makes “a novel contribution to a complex debate that has animated the social sciences since the nineteenth century.”

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Read Michele’s review below:

“The book is based on Sischarenco's fieldwork in Lombardy, carried out among entrepreneurs in the building sector between 2013 and 2014. The ethnography challenges the idea, rooted in social sciences, of the entrepreneurs as rational market actors committed to finding the best use of the means of production. The ethnography shows how entrepreneurial activity is shaped by feelings, social relationships, personal knowledge, and fortuitous circumstances.

The narration and ethnographic analysis focus on the inevitable contradictions experienced in everyday life by Lombard entrepreneurs. In so doing, the book cracks the fulgid image of the entrepreneur as a post-modern hero of security and determination, showing the profound human nature of the work and role.

The volume is a good starting point for better understanding entrepreneurship in its complexity and opens questions concerning the role of gender, class and the impact of socio-economic change in how the profession is embodied and enacted. In particular, it contributes to a better understanding of the impact of the 2009 global economic crisis, and how it affected the very way in which entrepreneurship is understood by society in post-Credit Europe.”

For further information on Michele, please click here. Click here to purchase Encountering Entrepreneurs. 

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