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Decision Sciences

Distinct from but related to our titles across business, economics, and computer science, Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Decision Sciences collection is a platform for innovative research on crisis management, risk probabilities, operations forecasting, and calculative understandings of political and economic futures.

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New Approaches and Tendencies in Entrepreneurial Management

This volume presents a set of innovative approaches to international management theory and practice. It disseminates the most important results of scientific research in the organisation management field to professors, management consultants, researchers and managers at an international level. It is structured in four sections, cov...

Zeng Shiqiang and the Chinese Style of Management

This book illustrates and develops Professor Zeng Shiqiang’s interesting and insightful observations on the essence and mainframe of the Chinese style of management science, which has developed around how to enhance management effects by integrating modern management strategies with ancient Chinese philosophical wisdom and ideology...

Golda Meir's Foreign Decision-Making Process

This book focuses on the analysis of Golda Meir’s foreign decision making processes during her tenure as Prime Minister (1970-1973), offering three unique case studies. It exposes the political-diplomatic aspects of foreign policy, using interviews and analysis of hundreds of formerly secret documents from various national archives...

Diversity Management and Identity in Organisations

This book advances a conceptualisation of gender identity within Diversity Management in organisations that takes into account the linkages between individual and organisational identity, thus moving from liminality, where gender is considered merely as a binary and diversity as something to manage, to inclusion, where diversity me...

Communication and Work Systems

This book provides a practical definition and explanation of “communicative behavior” for use in understanding interaction in work settings. It clearly presents a model of the elements of a work system, and summarizes theories that explain how organizations function and how managers work within the work system. It also describes ho...

Perspectives in Project Management

All the contributions to this volume are condensed versions of research projects undertaken by students in the final year of the online Master of Project Management degree delivered by the University of South Australia in conjunction with Open Universities Australia.Contributors to this book consist primarily of graduated Masters’ ...

Leadership Theories and Case Studies

Effective leadership does not occur by chance. Leaders must be trained and groomed for the daunting responsibility of leading organizations. Research shows that half of the people currently in leadership positions will fail. Why they fail and what can be done to prevent failure are the main subjects of this book. It shows that effe...

You Are Your Decisions

There are basically two categories of books on decision-making. One tells stories of how intuition guides decision-making. The other delineates a formal approach, based on decision-trees or matrices, often impenetrable to real-life decision makers. This book combines the best elements of both perspectives in a way that can be easil...
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Business Essentials

This book is for the next generation of leaders in business, industry and society, for whom it is important to know where wealth and jobs come from, how the government generates tax revenue and the principles which help society function best. It assumes no prior business knowledge, starting with foundational principles and plunges ...

Developments in Management Science in Engineering 2017

Management science in engineering (MSE) is playing an increasingly important role in modern society. In particular, the development of efficient and innovative managerial tools has significantly influenced the research progress of management science. As research is vital for the propagation of leading-edge methods, journal evaluati...

An Indonesian Study of Mixed Methods

A mixed methods research study is where the researcher/s combines elements of qualitative and quantitative research approaches by converging different data sources. However, such triangulation of data is not in itself a method in the same way as a quantitative or qualitative approach with a specific paradigm. Triangulation is a pla...

Global Mindset

“Think globally, act locally” is a phrase many of us grew up hearing. What we weren’t told, however, is how hard it is to accomplish. This work mines the well-researched field of global mindset by exploring the ways global knowledge allows organizations of any size or tenure to become more effective on the global scene. It draws on...
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