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Professor David Weir Joins as Chair of Board at Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is very pleased to welcome a new Chair, Professor David Weir, to our Editorial Advisory Board. David will provide expert insight to guide our commissioning focus and help outline the important issues in the academic community over the coming year.

David is an experienced and prominent academic with an impressive record of publications on management and development issues, and the Arab Middle East. He has worked as a Dean for 25 years in various Business Schools and academic institutes including Glasgow University as the Head of the business school, Director of the Bradford University School of Management, Director of the Newcastle Business School, and Dean of the Scottish Business School, and has an outstanding career record in institutional leadership, team-building, professional leadership and programme development in the UK and internationally.

David explains his motivation for joining the Editorial Advisory Board:

“The decision to accept the post as Chair of the Cambridge Scholars Publishing Editorial Advisory Board was an easy one as, being a Cambridge Scholars author myself, I have experienced first-hand their strong scholarly values coupled with a level of efficiency which sets them apart from the rest. I am delighted to be joining the team.”

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