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Cultural Studies

The Cambridge Scholars Publishing 'Cultural Studies' list includes influential critical cultural studies titles as part of a diverse collection with wide interdisciplinary appeal. Our cultural studies books present key insights into, among many other topics, cultural heritage studies and women's studies research, with an emphasis on cultural studies theories.

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The Arts and Indigenous Kn...

This collection derives from a conference held in Pretoria, South Africa, and discusses issues of indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) and the arts. It presents ideas about how to promote a deeper understanding of IKS within the arts, the development of IKS-arts research methodologies, and the protection and promotion of IKS in the a...

Three Long Poems in Athens

Athens is an emblematic city, a place of significance. It is memory embodied in a multi-layered topos, a place of ruins with the Parthenon as its headpiece. The routes one may follow in the city are numerous and the story one may narrate changes with each turn one takes. This book acknowledges this and offers the option of the poet...

Understanding Culture thro...

Within its wide boundaries, culture creates written and visual reflection areas for itself. As the reflection area expands through time, space and nature, it becomes richer, and, in doing so, it needs to be appreciated. The cultural reflection of historical accumulation leaves us in front of an immense mirror. In general terms, thi...

The Ways of Fiction

The essays gathered here capture fresh perspectives on the literary environments of the eighteenth century. The core concern of this volume is culture – the ways in which it shapes literature and is in turn influenced by it: the “ways” of fiction. Especially commissioned from experts in the field, essays cover the whole of the cent...
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