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Cultural Studies

The Cambridge Scholars Publishing 'Cultural Studies' list includes influential critical cultural studies titles as part of a diverse collection with wide interdisciplinary appeal. Our cultural studies books present key insights into, among many other topics, cultural heritage studies and women's studies research, with an emphasis on cultural studies theories.

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Advertising Culture and Tr...

This book is the first comprehensive study combining and integrating advertising, culture and translation within the framework of colonial, Commonwealth, and postcolonial studies, and globalization. It addresses a number of controversial issues evident in two relatively young disciplines, as a result of decades of research and teac...

Aesopic Voices

What do critical thinkers do when political, social or religious circumstances are hostile to truth and open discussion? One possibility is to seek refuge in the realm of the Aesopic and veil opinions about the ruling authorities in symbolic and coded terms, retreating to fairy tales and fables, and employing myths and elements of ...

Africa and Beyond

“Africa and Beyond: Arts and Sustainable Development is a massive undertaking by thoughtful theorists and practitioners in the creative/cultural industry. The combined effect of the volume is to disabuse the fixed, prevailing conception of the role of culture in society; a view that consigns the arts to the periphery of social life...

African Film

African Film: Looking Back and Looking Forward acknowledges all those filmmakers and film scholars who, through their productions and theorization, have made a difference to the filmic universe in Africa. Their substantial contribution reflects our world and has the potential to change our lives. The book adopts an interdisciplinar...

African Literacies

Africa is often depicted as the continent with the lowest literacy rates in the world. Moving beyond this essentialising representation, this volume explores African literacies within their complex and diverse multilingual and multiscriptal histories and contexts of use. The chapters examine contexts from the Maghreb to Mozambique ...

Afroeuropean Cartographies

Literary production is increasingly shaped by globalization and the complex nature of cultural, political, and social interaction. As such, longstanding colonial and postcolonial relations between Africa and Europe have yielded a range of challenging questions, and new generations of writers with roots in Africa have invariably fou...

Against and Beyond

Against and Beyond: Subversion and Transgression in Mass Media, Popular Culture and Performance is a collection of fourteen essays by scholars representing a number of disciplines discussing transgression and subversion in film, television, music, theatre and digital media. Moving across major political and cultural movements of th...

Agents of Space

In the last twenty-five years, the concept of space has emerged as a productive lens through which historians of the long eighteenth century can examine the varied and mutable issues at play in the creation and reception of objects, images, spectacles, and the built environment. This collection of essays investigates the potentiali...

Agnolo Bronzino

The Florentine artist Agnolo Bronzino (1503–1572) has long been celebrated as the consummate court painter and his sumptuous portrayals of Duke Cosimo de’ Medici and Duchess Eleonora de Toledo have become icons of Italian Renaissance art. In this volume, an international assembly of scholars advances modern perceptions of Bronzino’...

AIDS in Cultural Bodies

This book examines the various psychosocial and sexual ordeals of African American people living with HIV or AIDS (PLWH/PLWAs) as depicted in African American literary narratives dealing with HIV/AIDS published from 1980 to 2010. Central to these texts are the psychosocial and sexual challenges faced by the African American PLWH/PL...

Alexandrian Legacy

This volume brings together contributions exploring a range of aspects of the Alexandrian patristic tradition from the second half of the second century to the first half of the fifth century, a tradition whose complex and significant legacy is at times misunderstood and, in some quarters, wholly neglected. With contributions by bo...

Alternative Voices

This edited volume presents Alternative Voices in the contexts of present-day and historical globalisation, the emergence of the knowledge society, increased global-local or glocal migration flows, the explosion of social media, and disparate regional growth that have both impacted and shaped the sociocultural fabric of geopolitica...
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