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Picture of Creative Manoeuvres

Creative Manoeuvres

Writing, Making, Being

Editor(s): Shane Strange, Paul Hetherington, Jen Webb
Subject: Education

Book Description

Creative Manoeuvres is a collection of new writings on a topic of enduring interest: the role of creative practice in the formation of knowledge. The contributors to this collection are primarily creative writers, working in poetry, fiction, nonfiction and ethnography. Many include the visual or performing arts within their practice; and all are academics as well as creative writers. Their chapters move the study of creative writing beyond subjective accounts of ‘how I write’ towards broader issues of how knowledge is addressed by, or incorporated into, or embodied in, art.

Each chapter also does double duty as a case study on approaches to creative and research work, both describing and critically exploring the strategies, or ‘creative manoeuvres’, these writers have adopted to advance their practice in both creative and critical domains. In this way, the book not only exemplifies moves in the contemporary academy to understand better the value creative practice can offer to the university, but also provides a rich and engaging set of narratives about ways of being, ways of making and ways of coming to know. In both practical and theoretical modes, it contributes to the ongoing questions about creativity and/versus scholarship that have been debated over recent decades.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-6036-9
ISBN-10: 1-4438-6036-0
Date of Publication: 01/08/2014
Pages / Size: 195 / A5
Price: £41.99


Shane Strange is a doctoral candidate in the Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Canberra, and HDR representative of the Faculty’s Centre for Creative and Cultural Research. He is a writer of short fiction and creative nonfiction and has been published widely in Australia. In 2010, he was an Asialink Literature fellow.

Paul Hetherington is Head of the International Poetry Studies Institute and Associate Professor of Writing at the University of Canberra. He has published eight full-length poetry collections, the most recent of which is Six Different Windows (UWA Publishing). He edited three volumes of the National Library of Australia’s four-volume edition of the diaries of the artist Donald Friend, and is founding co-editor of the online journal Axon: Creative Explorations.

Jen Webb is Distinguished Professor of Creative Practice, and Director of the Centre for Creative and Cultural Research, at the University of Canberra. A cultural theorist and creative writer, her recent books include Understanding Representation (Sage, 2009), and Foucault: a Critical Introduction (with T. Schirato and G. Danaher; Sage, 2012).