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Cosmology, Large Scale Structure

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The Harmony of the Sphere

The contributors to The Harmony of the Sphere include professional historians of science, philosophers of science, and scientists, who offer different perspectives from which Kant’s and Herschel’s systems can be approached. The title, The Harmony of the Sphere, is an evocative one. In it, the reader will hear an echo of Kepler’s co...

One Magisterium

For the first time, an author with peer-reviewed published work in neuroscience, comparative religion, theoretical biology and many facets of cognitive science takes on the Big Issues of science and religion, as well as the current paralysis in real innovation. This book ends with a remarkable conclusion; if attention is paid to on...

The Theory of Evolution

This book presents a historical-philosophical analysis of the concept of ‘evolution’, considering the degree of development of the theories of evolution in cosmology, biology, neurobiology, and philosophy.‘Evolution’ is defined here as the continuous and nonlinear complication of the structure of matter and types of interaction and...

Evolved-God Creationism

This book answers fundamental questions not answered by either science or religion. How did our universe originate? Science says, “from the Big Bang”, but how did this come about? Religion says that it was created by God, but how did God originate? Our universe, with its relativity nature and quantum physics peculiarities, cannot e...

Space, Life, Science and Stories

Some time ago, an unusual book sold over seventy million copies and was translated into twenty-eight languages. It dealt with the possibility of life from the cosmos visiting humanity. This was just one of many surges of public interest in this matter. Unfortunately, the scientific community rarely addresses the causes of these sur...