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Picture of Common Ground

Common Ground

Integrating the Social and Environmental in History

Editor(s): Geneviève Massard-Guilbaud, Stephen Mosley
Contributors: Thomas le Roux, Richard Holel, Jarridge Froujois, Santos Madrazzo Madrazzo, Dr T. Shakesheff, Ute Hasenohrl,

Book Description

Today’s environmental problems—climate change, loss of biodiversity, polluted air, land, and water—all have their origins to a greater or lesser extent in how we have lived, played and worked. At a time when societies are confronted with the often dramatic consequences of past choices made in the fields of energy, technology, industry, agriculture, urbanisation and consumption, we need a history that casts more light on the ways in which unsustainable human-nature relationships came into being. This means forging stronger connections between social and environmental history. Common Ground opens up a dialogue between two sub-disciplines that to date have remained largely parallel endeavours, bringing together both established and younger scholars from both fields to explore how people’s everyday lives have connected to their environments—and with what effects. The book is organised in six sections: leisure and environment; nature and conservation; environmental conflicts; folk and scientific knowledge; environmental disasters; and energy, industry and urban infrastructure. By exploring the complex interplay between people’s day-to-day activities and ecological change, especially the values, beliefs and environmental experiences of ordinary men and women, we can better understand our past relationships with nature and perhaps make more informed planning and policy choices in the future.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-2549-8
ISBN-10: 1-4438-2549-2
Date of Publication: 01/01/2011
Pages / Size: 415 / A5
Price: £49.99


Geneviève Massard-Guilbaud is Professor at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, France, and the current President of the European Society for Environmental History. Her recent publications include Histoire de la pollution industrielle, France 1789–1914 (History of Industrial Pollution, France 1789–1914, 2010) and, with Richard Rodger, Environmental and Social Justice in the City: Historical Perspectives (2010).

Stephen Mosley is Senior Lecturer in History at Leeds Metropolitan University, England, and Editor of the journal Environment and History. His previous publications include The Environment in World History (2010) and The Chimney of the World: A History of Smoke Pollution in Victorian and Edwardian Manchester (2008).