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Chinese Studies

Cambridge Scholars Publishing has a burgeoning collection of Chinese Studies titles covering all aspects of Chinese history, society, philosophy, politics, economic development, and trade and commerce, across all periods. With a keen focus on Chinese language studies, these titles are focused on promoting scholarly dialogue and further research in this ever-evolving field.

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Traditional Chinese Rites ...

Traditional Chinese Rites and Rituals provides a comprehensive overview of the social practices of Chinese people on various occasions of cultural importance. While explaining how these rites and rituals are performed, it also introduces the reasons why certain norms are followed by individuals, families and the state as a whole. A...

Xue-guanhua 學官話

The Sino-Japonic manuscript Xue-guanhua/Gaku-kanwa 學官話 (Learning Mandarin Chinese), compiled for students from the Ryūkyū Kingdom, is a noteworthy historical Chinese educational source. It represents historical cross-cultural interactions between Okinawan residents in China and the locals in a wide variety of speech situations, and...
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