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Picture of China From Where We Stand

China From Where We Stand

Readings in Comparative Sinology

Editor(s): Kate Rose
Contributors: Sun Guinong, Mengzing Wang, Hua Zhang, Adetoro Olaniyi Banwo, Adetoro Olaniyi Banwo, Bailing Zhang, Bailing Zhang,
Subject: Chinese Studies

Book Description

What is Comparative Sinology? China from Where We Stand brings together powerful, diverse voices to define the boundaries and possibilities of this new field, providing a range of perspectives – insider, outsider and in-between – with China at the center. This exemplifies a new China: progressive, outward-looking, yet reflective. Comparative Sinology studies how China has been studied. In today’s global world of hybrid, hyphenated identities, such studies cannot be confined to how non-Chinese study China. What does it mean to be Chinese? Where does it start? Where does it end? Like the related disciplines of China Studies and National Studies, Comparative Sinology is interdisciplinary. Though the four parts of this book represent Philosophy, Literature, History, and Culture, all articles could fit in at least two of these categories. This book redefines the boundaries of traditional academic study, including the subject position, as it is essential, when trying to understand China and its place in the world today, to look at the place of each one of us. Personal connections may be explicit or implicit; but every author here is passionate and personally connected to the work that he or she does, and to China’s future. The practical and intellectual possibilities of this discipline are vast and varied, and this book offers a potential springboard for such ideas.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-8914-8
ISBN-10: 1-4438-8914-8
Date of Publication: 01/05/2016
Pages / Size: 260 / A5
Price: £47.99


Kate Rose is a Researcher at the International Center for Comparative Sinology at China University of Mining and Technology, where she teaches Comparative Literature, Sociology, and Cross-Cultural Communication. She has published two books of literary theory in French, the first on Magical Realism, decolonization, and contemporary French authors such as Marie NDiaye (also the subject of her PhD, obtained in 2005), and the second on utopian fictions (comparing Monique Wittig and Charlotte Perkins Gilman); she has also published one novel and many articles, poems and stories. Having completed all of her graduate studies at the University of Montpellier, France, before teaching in France for over a decade, she has recently gone back to writing in English, while pursuing her study of Mandarin. Kate’s received her BA in International Studies from Boston College, USA.