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Chemical Engineering

Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s books on Chemical Engineering draw from a combination of experimental laboratory research and the real-world application of the principles of chemistry to engineering and industrial challenges. Academics and professional engineers alike will find the collection an essential companion to their work.

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Electronic Properties of Nanoclusters in Amorphous Materials

Nanometre-sized clusters (nanoclusters) that make up amorphous materials (metallic alloys and organic and inorganic compounds) cast new light on the science and technology of this century. However, because various electronic characteristics of nanoclusters have been discovered during the past decade, there have been few publication...

Recent Topics in Advanced Materials Science

The range of materials science is very vast, and its development is proportionally rapid. This book picks up and explains various topics of materials science using figures and chemical formulae for readers who have a knowledge of chemistry at the undergraduate level. In order to view the progress of materials science, the book is d...
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