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Picture of Central Asian Economies in Transition

Central Asian Economies in Transition

Editor(s): Aysen Hic Gencer, Cevat Gerni
Contributors: Dr Hasan Duran, Prof Volkan Ongel, Zamira Oskonbaeva, Muslume Narin, Prof Mustafa Kemal Deger, Jusup Pirimbaev,

Book Description

“Central Asian Economies in Transition focuses on Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan) and their economic ties with Turkey. The book first summarizes the current state of Central Asian economies, enhanced through statistics and details [of] the economic and political challenges they face. The following parts cover the topics of economic integration and globalization, economic growth and development, international trade, and the energy sector.

“Central Asian Economies in Transition is based on selected papers from the series of International Conferences on Eurasian Economies, investigating Central Asian countries in a comparative manner, as well as [on] specially invited articles by prominent academicians; all edited with coherence and exhaustiveness in mind. While some chapters are purely descriptive in nature, others include econometric analyses.

“The target audience for Central Asian Economies in Transition is anyone who is interested in Central Asian economies, their transition process towards a market economy regime and their integration to the global world. This includes academicians from any field of social sciences, as well as decision makers, politicians, businessmen and journalists.

“I believe that the reader will get a comprehensive picture of the Central Asian economies with specific details highlighted. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the editors for their painstaking efforts during the preparation of this book.”
– Halil Seyidoğlu, Professor of Economics, Doğuş University


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-4035-4
ISBN-10: 1-4438-4035-1
Date of Publication: 01/09/2012
Pages / Size: 345 / A5
Price: £49.99


E. Ayşen Hiç Gencer is an Assistant Professor of Economics in the Department of International Trade at Istanbul Aydın University. She obtained her BA at Boğazici University and holds MA and PhD degrees from Istanbul University, Brown University and Boston University. Her research interests include international and regional economics, economic geography and economic integration.

Cevat Gerni is a Professor of Economics and Vice Rector at Beykent University, Istanbul. He obtained his BA in Political Science and International Relations at the Middle East Technical University and his PhD in Economics at Atatürk University. He has authored four books on international trade and macroeconomics and various journal and conference papers.