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Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail, (April 16, 1963)

January 19th is a day when many will celebrate the birth of Martin Luther King Jr. As one of the first civil rights campaigners to create a shift in societal norms, his fight for equality has influenced numerous countries and cultures.

However, many will agree that there is still a long road ahead before either equality or peace can be fully achieved.  Although society is growing in acceptance, there are events today that still cause public outcry and spark demonstrations for equality. 

On August 9th 2014, American citizens protested in Washington after Michael Brown, an African-American teenager was shot dead by a white police officer, Darren Wilson. The demonstration was reminiscent of King’s march on Washington in 1963, in that both rallied for equality and protested against the unfair treatment of African-Americans. The shooting of Michael Brown, and its aftermath, is now known as the Ferguson Unrest, and has an unofficial national day, called the National Day of Resistance, which takes place on December 13th.  

For those who remember Dr King and follow in his footsteps, his powerful voice is still a source of inspiration for those who seek peace and justice. His legacy, his speeches and his works contain evocative messages that are not limited to campaigning for racial equality for African-Americans, but also resonate with anyone who faces prejudice.  

In support of the Martin Luther King’s legacy and the continual striving for social equality, Cambridge Scholars Publishing is offering our readers a 50% discount on titles based upon historic social shifts and on-going societal challenges. 

To redeem your discount, please enter the promotional code KING15 during checkout.  Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 8th February 2015.

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