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Picture of Buffy Conquers the Academy

Buffy Conquers the Academy

Conference Papers from the 2009/2010 Popular Culture/American Culture Associations

Editor(s): U. Melissa Anyiwo and Karoline Szatek-Tudor
Contributors: Karoline Szatek, Michael A Perry, Amanda Hobson, Ruth R Caioullet, Esther Liberman Cuenca, Heather Porter,

Book Description

Buffy Conquers the Academy represents the cusp of pioneering research into a television show that has inspired a wealth of academic study since its cancellation in 2003. As a reflection of the current obsession with all things vampiric, this text offers an alternative perspective on the vampire myth from the point of view of scholars in the field and thereby celebrates the continuing existence of Buffy Studies as an endlessly fruitful academic discipline that is truly global and interdisciplinary. The Associations of Popular Culture and American Culture (PCA/ACA) have a tradition of encouraging growth in intellectual inquiry, and the acceptance of Buffy Studies as a subgenre of the Vampire area in 2008 reflected the belief in this globally recognized, sustainable discipline. In this volume, Buffyologists delve into the intricate world of Sunnydale from multiple perspectives that cut across all academic disciplines, ranging from gender/sexuality to religion, making this collection an excellent reflection of the current body of work under the umbrella of Buffy Studies.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-4831-2
ISBN-10: 1-4438-4831-X
Date of Publication: 01/07/2013
Pages / Size: 190 / A5
Price: £39.99


U. Melissa Anyiwo is a transplanted British citizen with an obsession with the Gothic. She is an Associate Professor of Politics and History and the coordinator of African American Studies at Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts, where her research focuses primarily on stereotyping in popular culture, exploring bridges across race, gender, and faith, particularly those dealing with connections between vampires and race. In addition to editing this work, she has published a number of book chapters on using vampires to teach diversity including “That’s Not What I Signed Up For”; “Teaching Millennials about Difference through First-Year Learning Communities and Outside/In”; “Using Vampires to Explore Diversity and Alienation in a College Classroom”. She will also be editing the text Race in the Vampire Narrative for Sense Publishers.

Karoline Szatek-Tudor is a Professor of English at Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts, USA, where she teaches Shakespeare and early modern literature. In addition to co-editing this volume, she has also co-edited What Countrey’s This? And Whither Are we Gone?; From Around the World: Secular Authors and Biblical Perspectives, in which her article, “The Measure of Unmarked Vows” appears. Szatek-Tudor has two recent articles in press called “Birds in Shakespeare’s First Tetralogy” and “Bird Folklore in Shakespeare and Hungary.” In addition to her other publications, Szatek-Tudor is a contributing editor to The Shakespeare Newsletter for this publication’s “Table of Contents” column.