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Book of the Month - September 2014

Our September Book of the Month is a unique collection of twenty-five personal stories of Jewish peace activists from Australia, Canada, Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States. The stories in Beyond Tribal Loyalties: Personal Stories of Jewish Peace Activists, focus on the complex and intensely personal journeys of these individuals. Edited by Avigail Abarbanel, and with a Foreword by the philosopher Sara Roy, this book offers a fresh and unusual angle on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and is a unique contribution in a field where political analysis is common, but where the personal angle is often lacking.

To find out more about this book, please click here to read a sample extract and contents page. 

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Please see below for highlights of the praise this book has been receiving:

“'Beyond Tribal Loyalties: Personal Stories of Jewish Peace Activists' by Avigail Abarbanel is an important, must-read anthology of the views of 25 anti-racist Jews, who variously, from positions ranging from pro-Zionism to a-political apathy, overcame my-lot-right-or-wrong tribal loyalty and came to realize the immense crime being committed against the Palestinian people and their obligation to speak out for Palestinian human rights.''

- Dr Gideon Polya, 19 January, 2013,

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