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Book of the Month - October 2019

October’s ‘Book of the Month’ is the product of a collaboration between John Mcevoy and Jim Malone, entitled Mystery and the Culture of Science: Personal Insights for the 21st Century.

Concerning the relationship in contemporary society between two often antagonistic forces, the study is an insightful exploration of the reconciliation of faith and science and why bringing the two forces together could result in a mutually beneficial relationship.

It is unbiased and respectful in its approach, and according to Sean Goan (Lecturer in Biblical Studies at Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Dublin) the study demonstrates both “the importance and the limitations of scientific method and highlights why people of faith must never shy away from the hard questions or the evidence they don’t want to consider.”

For Patsy McGarry, the Religious Affairs Correspondent of The Irish Times, the text’s message of reconciliation is incredibly timely given the rise of religious fundamentalism on an international scale. McGarry writes that the book “makes clear that there is no necessary conflict between science and faith” but instead elicits “how each can illuminate and enhance the other. For that to happen now, however, the polar opposites of today’s world must be open to one another.” The authors of this work have made a significant contribution as to how such a reconciliation can happen.

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