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Book of the Month - April 2016

Our April Book of the Month is Building Stronger Communities with Children and Families, edited by Karl Brettig.

This book captures the essence of how communities that better support healthy child development can be built. It includes a look at key elements of the Australian Communities for Children initiative, using a collaborative approach that takes into account community, government and family. How can the voices of children be heard in decision-making processes that impact their futures? How can the avalanche of electronic games, the information superhighway, and social media be negotiated to support, educate and protect children living in an online world? What does it mean to use a whole of community approach to supporting families? This kind of holistic viewpoint is necessary if we are to redesign inadequate, siloed approaches and build family friendly urban villages that deliver improved outcomes for children. Services need to consider how they can work with individuals and community groups to develop the kind of social environment that enables families to flourish. This is not an easy task, and, drawing on research and practical experience, this book looks at some of the key ingredients needed by those individuals and organisations who dare to attempt it.

To find out more, please click here to read a sample extract and contents page. 

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Please see below for highlights of the praise this book has been receiving:

“Building Stronger Communities with Children and Families clearly highlights the need for a collective response in the development of lasting social change given the complexities of modern life. This publication provides us with an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the efficacy of whole of community, coordinated and collective approaches to build family friendly communities. I commend the authors of this book in the documenting of the practice journeys of a number of organisations and services in the early intervention/prevention arena as a valuable tool which shares learnings, practice wisdom and evidence to support the critical importance of “working together” to improve outcomes for communities and the families and children who reside in them.”

—Jenny Chaves, Program Manager, Mission Australia Communities for Children Inala to Ipswich and Circles of Care

“Over many years as a licensed family therapist, I have become increasingly concerned about the breakdown of family and community, and am convinced that this is the source of many personal and social problems. I have read this publication with interest and excitement. I see in this book a real working blueprint to build healthier families and communities. I especially like the emphasis of diverse groups within the community working together as a team. This can make things happen by using the ‘power of we’. Our children need this!”

—Dr David J. Ludwig, Professor of Psychology, Lenoir-Rhyne University

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