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Holocaust Resistance in Europe and America

This book brings together eleven essays that analyze different aspects of resistance to the Holocaust, which took many forms: armed and passive resistance, uprisings in ghettos and concentration camps, partisan and underground movements, the rescue of Jews, spiritual resistance, and preservation of Jewish artifacts and memories. Je...

The Unity-Based Family

Getting married, forming a family, and parenting are among the most consequential tasks we undertake in our lives. This book is about creating loving and united marriages, nurturing and happy families, and rearing healthy and successful children. It provides dramatically new concepts and practical strategies on how to achieve these...

The Urgency of Climate Change

The Urgency of Climate Change addresses a pivotal challenge for the sustainability of our planet. This topic was selected for the inaugural conference in 2015 of an annual series on the Integrity of Creation. The essays in this collection were selected in a peer-reviewed manner and appeal to a general audience. The chapters move fr...