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The range of technology topics covered in our collection reflects the broad nature of the discipline itself, and we are proud to present some of the most state of the art research in this important, cross-disciplinary field. Our books about technology have a particular strength in engineering and software development, but the list also encompasses titles with a broad social science focus, including the history of technology. Cambridge Scholars' technology books will be of interest to researchers in many disciplines alongside specialist engineers, programmers and computer scientists.

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The Medical Device Industr...

The Medical Device industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Device manufacturers are producing increasingly sophisticated and complex medical device software to differentiate themselves in the battle for dominance in this sector. The increase in the complexity of medical device software has introduced new c...

Two Phase Sampling

The development of estimators of population parameters based on two-phase sampling schemes has seen a dramatic increase in the past decade. Various authors have developed estimators of population using either one or two auxiliary variables.The present volume is a comprehensive collection of estimators available in single and two ph...
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