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The vast and evolving range of science topics within academic research is reflected in our vibrant collection of titles, exploring science from many different angles. Focused academic edited collections discuss niche but crucial areas of science including climate formation. Other volumes present essential insights into science and technology education research and best practice in science communications which, combined with key texts on the history of science, provide an important library of science resources that will be of interest to educators, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners.

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Theoretical and Empirical ...

This paper is the first that completely studies dynamical and cross-sectional structures of bonds, typically used as risk-free assets in mathematical finance, on the independence of the common factors with the empirical copula. During the last decade, financial models based empirically on common factors have acquired increasing pop...

Towards Efficient Photovol...

Fossil fuels are limited resources and are anticipated to be exhausted within the next few decades. Solar energy is the only renewable resource capable of adequately meeting today’s total global energy demand. Dye-sensitised solar cells (DSCs) represent a novel class of photovoltaic devices that mimic nature’s photosynthesis proces...

Using and Abusing Science

Over the last two centuries, as politics has evolved from the status of “amateurship” to that of profession, political discourse, together with its practices and their validity, has been increasingly subject to questioning. Politicians, as illustrated by the low turnouts that have recently characterised general elections and a gene...
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