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The Cambridge Scholars Publishing Philosophy topics provide authoritative and innovative perspectives for academics and enthusiasts alike. Our selection of the best Philosophy books cover the major sub-disciplines, incorporating the analytic and Continental traditions, and the history of Philosophy. We are also proud to publish a number of critically-acclaimed Series on popular Philosophy topics, including leading insights about theoretical and applied Ethics.

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Wild Beasts of the Philoso...

Scientists rarely take ‘paranormal experiences’ seriously. Furthermore, in the recent past the concept of the ‘paranormal’ did not even exist in philosophy. William James, who extensively studied mediumistic phenomena, labelled them ‘wild beasts of the philosophical desert’.This book demonstrates that to important philosophers – fr...

William Morris and the Art...

William Morris—Victorian socialist, designer, poet, artist and craftsman—urged his contemporaries to ‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful,’ foregrounding his belief in the importance of beautiful practicality in daily domestic life. This volume of essays seeks to examine the imp...


This book examines Japanese culture of the Muromachi epoch (14–16 centuries) with Ikkyū Sōjun (1394–1481) as its focal point. Ikkyū’s contribution to the culture of his time was all-embracing and unique. He can be called the embodiment of his era, given that all the features typical for the Japanese culture of the High Middle Ages ...
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