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The Cambridge Scholars Publishing history books present leading edge research for scholars and history enthusiasts alike. We publish fresh insights across a wide range of historical periods and themes, from ancient history to the modern age, and explorations of social and gender history. An essential resource for individuals who are studying history, we are proud to publish a number of innovative Series titles in History and Classical Studies.

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Black Soldiers in a White ...

This book investigates the story of 600 Black men from across North America and the Caribbean, who, in 1917, went to war in a labour unit, No. 2 Construction Battalion. Regarded then by senior Command as morally infectious, a century later they have become central actors in a powerful cultural myth, celebrated in folk tales, poetry...

Medieval Territories

This volume brings together 18 case studies investigating territory in the Middle Ages from an archaeological perspective. It offers contributions from prestigious professors, such as Flocel Sabaté and Jesús Brufal, and a selected set of young researchers. It promotes new perspectives on territory studies through innovative researc...

Science and Daily Life in ...

The world’s first Northern Lights observatory is the focus of this account about everyday life and epoch-making pioneering of geophysical research on Haldde Mountain in Finnmark, Norway. Inside four walls in extreme weather conditions at 9000 metres above sea level, the residents formed a class-divided mini-society with researchers...
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