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Cambridge Scholars Publishing's educational studies books raise vital questions about the future of education, as well as exploring its historical context. Key titles offer practical advice on teaching and academic writing, with particular focus placed on language teaching and assessment. Spanning all levels of education, the diverse range of international contributors across our educational publishing titles provide valuable insights into this key discipline.

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Visual Writing

Considering the fact that the academic essay continues to be widely used as an assessment tool within education, there is a need for students to develop their skills in this area. However, it is often the case that students perceive instruction in academic writing, if it is offered at all, as boring. This book addresses these two i...


Voices: Postgraduate Perspectives on Inter-disciplinarity was created out of a compilation of papers presented at the University of Aberdeen’s annual College of arts and Social Sciences Postgraduate Conference, more widely known as Moving Forward. This conference reached its sixth year in 2009. Both the conference and proposed coll...

Whiteness in Academia

Even in those areas of academia which one would consider to be most resistant to white domination (such as critical race theory and multicultural education), both covert and overt racial oppression are apparent. What is the role of white academics in these fields in creating racial oppression? Is there any escape from white suprema...

Who's Talking? The Effect ...

A significant number of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) never gain functional speech across their lifespan. For many of these individuals, Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) have provided them with opportunities to verbalise their thoughts and needs to others. Recently, technology has developed to make these devices s...

Why Still Education?

Why Still Education? will appeal to researchers of education – scholars and students alike – in the fields of philosophy, sociology, pedagogy, andragogy, psychology, political theory, anthropology, and history, as well as experts in education management and educational practitioners, such as teachers and textbook authors. The quest...

Widening Access throughout...

Access to higher education (HE) by social background in England is profoundly unequal. These inequalities, however, are not confined to socio-economic background, nor just to entry into HE. Retention rates, degree outcomes, and post-HE employability all differ significantly by socio-economic background, gender, ethnicity and disabi...

Workers' Cooperatives

The present book is an outcome of a seminar which focused on finding out the possibilities of rethinking socialism in terms of workers’ socialism vs. state socialism (or more broadly, workers’ and peasants’ socialism vs. state managed socialism) which has been so well analysed by many scholars such as David Lane and Evan Luard. Sch...
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