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The Cambridge Scholars Publishing Archaeology books support both academic researchers and the work of amateur enthusiasts. Spanning a wide subject reach, with a significant interdisciplinary focus, our titles include historical archaeology, rural and urban archaeology, the politics of archaeology, and archaeological science and methodology. Our archaeology articles provide a fascinating insight into how societies, cultures, conflicts, and religion shaped our modern world.

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Archaeological Perspective...

There have been few studies in Ancient Near Eastern archaeology that have concentrated on domestic buildings, with little existent information about houses. This represents a serious lacuna in the knowledge of Mesopotamian culture, considering the importance of the house in society, as the main space of social dynamics.This book ad...

Defining the Fringe of Con...

Popular culture has often presented a mythologised version of archaeology that at times misinforms the general public about broader academic intentions. The fantastic and bizarre continue to capture the public imagination, so that while archaeological teams excavate, survey and record, they occupy the same geographic locations as g...

Artisans Rule

Craft production and its significance for understanding social relations are one of the essential topics in prehistoric archaeology. Standardization of raw materials, products, and manufacturing procedures, and the presence or absence of specialized artisans still challenge scholars engaged in the studies of technology, social arch...
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