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The Cambridge Scholars Publishing Archaeology books support both academic researchers and the work of amateur enthusiasts. Spanning a wide subject reach, with a significant interdisciplinary focus, our titles include historical archaeology, rural and urban archaeology, the politics of archaeology, and archaeological science and methodology. Our archaeology articles provide a fascinating insight into how societies, cultures, conflicts, and religion shaped our modern world.

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Tracing their Tracks

Understanding the relation of semiology to Western iconography is essential, as it is the element that, often unconsciously, influences perception in Western society. Scholars, such as Klaus Düwel with his outstanding knowledge of runic script, sometimes reach their limits if inscriptions are complemented with abstract images that ...

Transforming the Colony

Between 1850 and 1868, approximately 10,000 British convicts were transported to Western Australia, in one of the final phases of global penal transportation. The arrival of these men utterly transformed the small Swan River Colony, bringing capital, labour, population influx, and contact with the outside world. Yet their contribut...

Written on Stone

This collection of essays is not interested in the unresolved questions about the origin, original use, and authentic meaning of the prehistoric monuments of the British Isles. It is not concerned with their prehistory. Rather it deals with the history of barrows, standing stones, and stone circles: with the ways in which they have...
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